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Side effects

Medical cannabis is generally well tolerated by patients. With regard to the fact that small doses often provide adequate relief, side effects are generally noted in exceptional cases. If they occur, the reason is either a higher dose or a combination with alcohol or similar substances. In most cases, side effects are mild and generally disappear after several days.

Among the known side effects during treatment with medical cannabis are: mood swings, insomnia and higher heartbeat, hallucinations, dizziness, sleepiness or confusion.

If you experience significant changes in your psychic condition, inform your physician immediately.

Other side effects are: relaxation, laughing fits, feeling of hunger, heightened sensitivity - e.g. perception of colours and music, distorted perception of time and space.  

If you use a high dose, you may experience feeling of euphoria, which slowly subsides to a feeling of satisfaction and peace. Changes in perception may cause feelings of confusion. These effects will disappear after a few hours.